Life in a bee-hive.

I have just moved into my new office premises. The place is ultra modern with plush interiors and a lounge like coffee area and soft music at certain hours of the day. The space utilization is amazing. What interested me most is the design of the bay. They are of the shape of a trimmed and pasted hexagons.
At 7.30 am this infrastructure just reminds me of a natural home. The bee- hive. The symbolism is not intended, its obvious.

At the entrance of the hall (hive) is Mr Manager. The King bee. His job; oversee and inspect. When he is not playing meeting meeting', he please himself with phone calls and seeing money mangers to help him with this overflowing bank account. Pose around with golf clubs and electronic gadgets. Mang-ese ( Managerial English) is their favorite language. The leader bees look at him and dream , Mera number kab aayega ....??
For a group of 5 cells there is one leader bee each. The leader bees; each of them have his/her designated function. And what is that ? Phone calls, Excel sheets and Motivation. They are not to be blamed. After years of hitting keyboards and churning out LoC, ( lines of code) they are better now and can enjoy longer coffee breaks, relaxed work times and Ah ! sitting on the other side of a appraisal table. Mailology is their favorite science worker bees, and a handsome of them, pester the leaders for little troubles, crowding around him, flattering him

The last category of bee is the worker. Poor soul indeed ! At the bottom of the pyramid, its surely hard to slog and look to the peak, it pains in the neck. A typical day starts at 9.00 am ( some workers like me start when others are still asleep), after checking all mails, reading all personal mails ( may be twice), reading all leading newspapers and the morning coffee, workers finally realize that there are supposed to hit the right keys on the keyboard and let the poor mouse rest.(It is tired of being dragged and revolved all around the place and all over the www). Some code, tickets, issues fill up the time between the morning and lunch and then its time to gossip and smoke. WWW helps him awake in the 2 hours that dawn after lunch. By this time the leader is on this head and workers hit the board hard. Finally after the mail-hour', another fag break and one more coffee, engines rattle and the workers are out of it all.
Indeed this is the phenomenon that the world calls the 'Indian Software industry', cheap and superior honey cultured in the best equipped and managed hives. As I finish this post and look out of my monitor I see black heads in hexagonal cells. This place is truly a 'e-bee-hive'.


Pankaj said...

I read all ur posts and finally nailed down to writing comment on this post. Do u write for any newspaper or in some magazine.

Really telling you that the way things get described is too simplistic for anybody to understand and that makes it more beautiful to read.

Thanks that i got a opportunity to read such a blog. :)

Globe Treader said...

Bee hive or maybe just E-hive!

Anyways...nice blog...havent thought there is a true blogger on the floor :-)