Beyond concern

In our day to day dealings, we hardly take time to think or rather feel the little tasks, such as boarding a bus or talking to one's milk-man, that we undertake. Running through some of these hectic days, I have myself paid least heed to such miniscule events. It all becomes so in-grained in the urban mind - to wakeup at dawn, rush to office, juggle with keys and mice and head back home, surf around the TV and then back to sleep,that the grey cells are rendered incapable of lateral thoughts about people.

Just day before yesterday, I gave up the keys to the maid so that she could clean up my home as per her availability. Hectic schedules and Odd office timings made it impossible for me and Vanita to adjust our schedules. Its been months that I have talked to her at length about what needs fixing and cleaning in the house. Affected by the urban syndrome - lack of empathy towards people you know, I never took too much time to understand her thoughts ( Let that alone, I never made a conscious effort to talk to her). She was just my house-maid and I an employer. I'd been thinking all week long on getting my place in order but it never materialized. Finally I gave the keys to Vanita so that she could manage the place on her own.

After a hard day at office when I got home,I could not believe the job Vanita did. The whole place looked as if I had arranged it ( I suffer from an obsessive compulsive cleaning and organization disorder). The kitchen, the hall and the beds ; everything was done as I would do it. My mind went blank for a minute. It indeed was one of those moments when I realized that there is a lot beyond urbanism, fat-pay cheques and fancy parties. Though I never went out of my way to help Vanita, she had invested the last whole year in understanding my lifestyle and my preferences. What was her incentive ? Apparently nothing. I hadn't promised extra wages for knowing the preferences. The pay increase I offered would account for any extra work she had to do but not atleast for the investment in my lifestyle.

Reminds me ,how unempathetic we are to people who run our day to day lives? Imagine a day when the milkman doesn't turn up or when your cable operator cuts out telecast.,we get enraged so easily and yet there are people like my maid who do more than they should for no greater incentive.She did something more nobler than taking care of your loved ones or donating to relief funds and that makes me feel 'lucky'. To give is satisfying but to receive is bewilderering

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