Nostalgia and Life in the cup

Parle G ---- "No one can eat just one"..
(The quote suits Parle G better than Lays )
Ah that's all i can say when the aroma of a parle G dipped in 'aadhu ni cha' engulfs me. Ah ! it reminds me of the good old college days. Mohini corner !! ( for all those who have been in GCET, you'd know what this is ) Its been close to three years that I graduated from college and at times in the busy corporate life, (so called...) it feels like its been a long time. Office life and 'the next carrot' keep us so busy that it takes trivial things like biscutits and one moment of consciousness to understand that it was not long ago when i slept over till late afternoons and spent the rest of the day running around the town. Naah !! now i am sounding like the million others who write about the cherised college days in sweet tones and beautiful words.
Its not just the school or the college that is creates nostalgia. A myriad of instances come alive in a cup of tea or coffee.The cup of tea or coffee has grown specially close to me since it witnesses all my plans and prospects and dreams. If those cups could speak, write ( blabber.. is the right word), they'd right out a journal of all the 'wise years' of life.
Some time in leisure it would be nice to see how one grew up with coffees and teas.

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righty said...

My my.... The phrase "Mohini Corner" got me to read further and it seems you too are a pass out of GCET, Vallabh Vidyanagar... :) I passed out from 00EC...