Its not the water, its the leisure

My first visit to Pune was about a year and a half ago. Its still as fresh as this drop. At 1.30 a.m Parihar chowk was dark and lonely yet very close to the heart. The smell of the earth and the scatterd light of the street lamps wiped out all fantasies of Marine Drive.
Monssons can never be better than Pune. This is one place where I have my books, a window that opens to various shades of green , a perfect cup of coffee and the leisure that encompasses all of these elements into a single frame. Although monosoon , Marine drive and corn is a killer combination in itself, it doesnt produce the aura that a freshly brewed coffee aroma can in a solitary place in Pune.
With mountains surrounding the city, and sufficeint green pastures ( Thanks to the Pune universtiy campus, Kirkee, Pashan, etc ) and a luxury called 'Time' that Pune offer to most of its inhabitants,it is one place to relish.
As i look out of the Office window and gaze at the river and distant hills,i am as thankful for the leisure as the rustic Vidharbha farmer is for the rain. " Its in the subconsious, more than it is in the cloud", I guess.

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