On doing Nothing ..

yet dreaming of doing very possible thing in this world. Ironical, isn't it. That's how I feel at the beginning of a break. I often think of what all I could do on this break and opportunity presents itself not in plurals but plethora. Go exploring this vast country, learn all there's about different types of saris and garments woven in India, learn a new language, convert abstractions in colours with paints, freeze the silent moment of a private sun-set in my camera, learn to bake cakes and mix pickles, teach at a professional degree course, and so on..

Just what all was I doing all these years in my life, Living in a hole of some kind ?

The price I pay for doing it is this anxiety attack.


Forrest Gump said...

lucky you. enjoy the break!

Iday said...

Yeah - come out of the hole... :)