Why do we fight ?

We, as individuals, as nations, as communities - Why? Why do we fight ?
The on going talk is that the recent economic resurgence and the prosperity in the private sector will increase the economic divide and may cause violence and unrest.
But do we really fight because we have unequal incomes or unequal opportunities. Every sane person today would know that industrialization would create opportunities and ultimately help their next generation live a better life. More often than not we fight because we have still not liberated ourselves from shackles of the caste system, designed very many years ago by our ancestors to manage society rather than partition it.
In Rajasthan, in Punjab or in case of the frequent Maoist attacks in the eastern and north states, its the demand and the need of identifying oneself with certain privileges ( reservations, higher status, etc) that spurs up violence.
Its our bias , the thought process we gain in our homes ( this doesn't suit our tribe, this is against our custom) that damages more than the economic policies that is creating the drift and laying foundation of the next generation of gullerias. We fall into vote bank politics and throw out one incumbent government for another, failing to realise that the poster boys and girls of every party very efficiently remind us of our races, ethnicity and castes and not of ways to uplift ourselves our of poverty.
No doubts, Education, one means that could help us shed our prejudice and be tolerant, is the next target.With reservations in this sector and in the government, we are doing little to help eliminate the root cause of communal violence- which does nothing more than claim innocent lives and create instability.


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